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Making Digital Transformation Real: The Journey From Technology to Business Value

June 20 - 22, 2017

Nearly 70% of companies have a digital transformation initiative underway. But there's a difference between an isolated initiative and company-wide transformation. Only the most savvy organizations possess a comprehensive strategy to identify transformative opportunities, evaluate and operationalize new technology, and measure business value – all while maintaining day-to-day requirements of business as usual.

At Navigator360, you'll meet the business and technology leaders driving these success stories and discover what it takes to transform an entire organization. Nemertes will share a blueprint for your success based on our Digital Transformation Maturity Model, including a personalized scorecard illustrating how your organization compares with others and documenting next steps to accelerate your transformation. Key areas we'll cover include:

Business and Use Cases

  • Getting started: Selecting and prioritizing the areas to transform
  • Identifying the right drivers for your business cases
  • Selecting the metrics and tools you need to measure success
  • Balancing efforts between customer experience and workflow/process optimization 

Foundational and Emerging Technologies

  • Emerging collaboration technologies that enable rapid innovation
  • The next-generation security architecture: Incorporating advanced security analytics, automation, and machine learning into your defense strategy
  • Networks of the future: From MPLS to SD-WAN and SDN
  • Software-defined everything, delivered via cloud and DevOps
  • Emerging technologies: Artificial intelligence, virtual and enhanced reality, and the human/IoT ecosystem 

Enabling Operational Excellence

  • Budgeting and staffing for your digital transformation initiatives
  • Creating a successful User Awareness and Adoption (UAA) strategy
  • Changing skillsets and workforce: How digital transformation affects hiring and staffing
  • Organizing effectively: When is Lean and Agile a fit?
  • Engaging the right partners


If you only attend one Digital Transformation conference this year, Nemertes Navigator360 should be that one. Why? We're providing real-world guidance and actionable next steps based on an objective analysis of our Maturity Model. And we craft personalized business-technology roadmaps to guide and drive your digital transformation strategies. Participants will leave with not only a deep understanding of the critical issues, but a practical blueprint for accelerating their digital transformation initiatives.

What makes the Nemertes Navigator360 Conference Different?

This invitation-only event is designed from the ground-up for senior IT leaders. Sessions include numerous opportunities to engage with your peers and with Nemertes’ senior analysts. All participants will receive the “Key Takeaways” derived from discussions and event sessions and designed to give you actionable “next-steps” and a forward-looking view of the critical issues facing IT organizations for the next several years.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one, complimentary meetings with Nemertes’ analysts to discuss key concerns, issues, or initiatives while receiving input and guidance from a Nemertes expert.

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"It was a great conference with good information and networking opportunities!" Steve Damadeo, IT Operations Manager, Festo Corporation

"This is by far my favorite event of the year. The people invited are clearly hand-picked for a great mix of perspectives, experience and willingness to discuss and share. This creates rich dialog and enhances the perspectives of the Nemertes presentations. I also appreciate the types of data/analytics results and the way they are discussed." Ed Krebs, Enterprise Architect, Ford Motor Company 

"The Nemertes Navigator360 invitation promises 3 days of outstanding content and opportunities in which to network with senior-level IT execs.  It does much more than that….I was able to see firsthand the results of extensive field research whose findings was highly directed at the business problem we all face.  I saw solutions. I was able to talk at great length to practiced business and technology experts about the problems we face in a very relaxed and inviting manner.  I learned a great deal, and made new friends. The Nemertes Staff is outstanding in their ability to navigate highly technical topics, and discuss business strategy.  They were GREAT hosts!  I enjoyed the conference a great deal." Lyle Paczkowski, Technology Strategy CTO, Sprint

"Very informative, great connections!" Janet Schoephoerster, Interpublic Group of Companies 

"Navigator360 provides the "Cliff Notes" of what is happening in the industry that IT leaders need to internalize in order to succeed in their current roles and in their careers. The conference has an optimal blend of presentations, interactive panel sessions, and networking events."Vice President, Financial Services Company